Export of item data

As a STARFACE partner you can save all details of the store items as a csv file and thus continue to work with it locally. For this purpose please use the following link:


You will then be asked for your username and password. 
Please use the email address and password of your company account for the STARFACE partner portal. This is the account to which the order confirmations are usually sent.

Please note that the price information and also the available items can change at short notice. To update this data, a new download of the csv file is necessary. For orders, only the prices stated on the order confirmation sent by STARFACE are valid.

The link can also be called up directly via the browser's address bar. If you enter the wrong data, please close the browser completely to clear the browser's cache. You can then enter the login data again.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your partner advisor or the sales team on +49-721 - 151 04 230.